SP Arbitration Week

SP has one week of Arbitration to call its own

São Paulo can finally say that it has a week of Arbitration to call its own. The first SP Arbitration Week, held between October 22 and 28, had the objective of promoting the city as an international reference for conducting Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures, placing the capital of São Paulo at the center of world arbitration.

The event repeats the success of similar weeks already organized in various parts of the world, in countries like France, Australia and China. In the Brazilian version, there were in all 15 events, such as the V CAM-CCBC Pan-American Arbitration Congress, the V Portuguese-Brazilian Arbitration Day, the IX Brazilian Competition for Business Arbitration and Mediation and the Teacher Arbitration Masterclass of Lisbon.

The SP Arbitration Week itself emerged from the success of the Pan-American Arbitration Congress, promoted by the CAM-CCBC. “From that point on, we decided to create a collective agenda, capable of bringing together all the events related to the theme that came to be held almost parallel to the Congress”, explains CAM-CCBC president Carlos Suplicy de Figueiredo Forbes.

To learn more about the SP Arbitration Week, visit: http://www.sparbitrationweek.com.br/