Partner Institutions


One of the pillars of the CAM-CCBC’s activities is the promotion of the development of arbitration through the exchange of knowledge, exchange of experiences and investment in the training of new specialized professionals. The Center has a program of partnerships and cooperation agreements with related entities around the world, research centers and academic institutions.Agreements with other institutions allow for the exchange of best practices, as well as the strengthening of international links. The agreement policy began in 2008 with the Centro de Arbitraje Y Mediación – Cámara de Comercio de Santiago (CAM-Santiago), located in Chile, being improved in the following years. Today there are 15 partner institutions in different continents.

Within the same philosophy of action, the CAM-CCBC has been establishing partnerships with universities and research centers, which allow, in addition to the exchange of information, the granting of scholarships for students and internships. Currently, this program includes institutions such as the American University Washington College of Law.

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