Organizational Structure

Eleonora M. B. L. Coelho


Eleonora Coelho obtained her law degree from the University of São Paulo (USP) and obtained her master’s degree in Civil law, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods from the Paris II – Panthéon-Assas University. She acts as arbitrator and attorney in several national and international arbitration proceedings. Ms. Coelho is member of the body of arbitrators of many Arbitration and Mediation Chambers in Brazil. She was also part of the commission of attorneys responsible for the reform of the Arbitration Act which originated Law 13.129/15 and has published several articles on arbitration, as well as ministered classes and lectures regarding the subject.

Patrícia S. Kobayashi

General Secretary

Patrícia Kobayashi obtained her law degree from the University of São Paulo (USP) and has extensive experience in arbitration as counsel, case manager and tribunal secretary. She worked as researcher in the first institutional research on court decisions on arbitration issues that was conducted by the Brazilian Arbitration Committee (CBAr) and the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV). Ms. Kobayashi has written articles and publication on arbitration subjects.

Contact: +55 11 4058-0404
E-mail: [email protected]

Luíza H. C. Kömel

Deputy Secretary General

Luíza Kömel obtained her degree from São Paulo University (USP), where she participated as speaker and coach of the academic arbitration team for the Willem C. Vis Moot competition. Luíza is certified in civil law by University of Paris II: Pantheón-Assas (Université d’Eté du Droit Continental). She has experience as an attorney and a case manager with domestic and international arbitration proceedings. Wrote several articles and frequently participates of lectures on arbitration and alternative dispute resolution methods. Organizes CAM-CCBC’s São Paulo and Hamburg Pre Moots and has experience in many national and international academic competitions.

Contact: +55 11 4058-0406
E-mail: [email protected]



Ricardo de Carvalho Aprigliano

Rodrigo Garcia da Fonseca

Silvia Rodrigues Pachikoski


Past Presidents

Carlos Suplicy de Figueiredo Forbes (2015-2019)

Frederico José Straube (2007-2015)

Marcos Paulo de Almeida Salles (1999-2007)

Fábio Nusdeo (1995-1999)

Frederico José Straube (1993-1995)

Guido Fernando Silva Soares (1992-1993)

João Caio Goulart Penteado (1984-1992)

José Carlos de Magalhães (1979-1984)

Advisory Board



Dra. Adriana Braghetta


Dr. Carlos Suplicy de Figueiredo Forbes

Permanent Members

Dr. Carlos Suplicy de Figueiredo Forbes

Prof. Dr. Fábio Nusdeo

Dr. Frederico José Straube

Prof. Dr. José Carlos de Magalhães

Prof. Dr. Marcos Paulo de Almeida Salles

Elected Members

Dra. Adriana Braghetta

Dr. Antonio Luiz Sampaio Carvalho

Prof. Dr. Carlos Alberto Carmona

Dr. Gilberto Giusti

Prof. Dr. Hermes Marcelo Huck

Dr. João Bosco Lee

Profª. Dra. Paula Forgioni

Dr. Pedro Antônio Batista Martins

Profª. Dra. Selma Maria Ferreira Lemes

Institutional Development

CAM-CCBC’s Institutional Development team is responsible for the strategic relations and the achievement of the institution’s business goals.

Institutional Development Advisor

Ana Flávia Furtado

Contact: +55 11 4058-0409

OAB/MG 176.541

[email protected]

Institutional Development Analyst

Andreas Maximilian Paschoal

OAB/SP 381.465

[email protected]

Assistants to the General Secretariat

The assistants perform the judicial and administrative activities related to the decisions rendered by CAM-CCBC’s President and to the judicial demands presented to CAM-CCBC or Arbitral Tribunals. They assist the General Secretariat in academic and case law researches, as well as with the development and maintenance of the Quality System.

Louise Antunes Gonçalves

Contact: +55 11 4058-0420

OAB/SP 378.758

[email protected]

Carolina Müller Magalhães

Contact: +55 11 4058-0451

OAB/RS 120.813

[email protected]

Secretariat Coordination

The Secretariat Coordinators oversee the proceedings administration and the Secretariat’s work, incluindo academic initiatives, technical development and people management.

Sílvia Salatino

Contact: +55 11 4058-0454

OAB/SP 278.414

[email protected]

Cristiane Gertel

Contact: +55 11 4058-0410

OAB/SP 231.888

[email protected]

Case Managers

The CAM-CCBC Secretariat is composed of eight executive secretaries. The secretaries are lawyers, have experience in alternative dispute resolution methods, are specialized and able to attend also in languages such as English, Spanish, French and German.


Gilberto Paglia Júnior

Contact: +55 11 4058-0418

OAB/SC 52.008

[email protected]


Murilo Diniz da Silva Matos

Contact: +55 11 4058-0428

OAB/SP 455.711

[email protected]


Victoria Kromann Romero

Contact: +55 11 4058-0411

OAB/PR 82.721

[email protected]


Marco Lima

Contact: +55 11 4058-0449

OAB/BA 59.873


Aline Bondesan Correia Lima

Contact: +55 11 4058-0424

OAB/SP 425.556

[email protected]


Marina Gouveia

Contact: +55 11 4058-0425

OAB/SP 418.858

[email protected]


Ana Carolina de Souza Aranha

Contact: +55 11 4058-0461

[email protected]


Gabriel Mateus Dini Oliveira 

Contact: +55 11 4058-0447

OAB/SP 450.271

[email protected]

Assistant Case Managers

The Assistant Case Managers are law professionals, experienced in Alternative Dispute Resolution that assist the case managers with the administration of proceedings.

SEC 1 e 2

Beatriz de Moraes Antunes

Contact: +55 11 4058-0408

OAB/SP 477.236

[email protected]

SEC 3 e 4

Noemi Santos Macedo

Contact: +55 11 4058-0447

[email protected]


Isabela de Assis Godoy

Contact: +55 11 4058-0423

OAB/SP 425.556

[email protected]


Sabrina Liz Borges Santos

Contact: +55 11 4058-0448

OAB/SP 474.078

[email protected]

SEC 7 e 8

Giselly Santos de Souza

Contact: 55 11 4058-0429

OAB/SP 456.081

[email protected]