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With 39 hours of events in 5 days, the 1st edition of the online festival brought together a large number of guests and in addition offers a very rich cultural content specially selected for you!


Find out the major information about labor law and justice in Brazil and Canada in a new article on Comparative Law


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For 45 years, the Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce works to promote and support trade, investment, cultural and technological exchange relations between Brazil and Canada!

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Inter Aduaneira Group opens branch in Montreal

Inter Group opened in June 2020, in the city of Montreal (Quebec), its second branch outside Brazil and the first in Canada. The focus of the business is to provide consultancy services to clients in order to become more competitive in their import and/or export...

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The schedule of events between Brazil and Canada is intense for those interested in business, investment, technology, education or culture. There are many opportunities for those who want to know better or to expand their presence in one of the two countries. Check out the highlights of this calendar and plan ahead!

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