Pocket Interview with associates

President Paulo Perrotti interviews our CCBC members who share how their businesses work.

Regulation of credit fintechs

The legislative path for the regulamentation of credit platforms is discussed in the Podcast CCBC.

Exchanging Glances: Images of Two Cultures

Exchanging Glances: Images of Two Cultures now in multiple locations.

Quick Trade Facts

Quick Trade Facts CCBC – Closing 2018, with updated data and BRAND NEW ANALYSES of trade between Brazil and Canada!

9th Forum Women in Evidence

CCBC is supporting the 9th Forum Women in Evidence – Diversity in leadership


For 45 years, the Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce works to promote and support trade, investment, cultural and technological exchange relations between Brazil and Canada!

News & Articles

Procuram-se líderes do amanhã

Para ter sucesso em meio a cenários cada vez mais complexos é preciso aprender a aprender constantemente. Exemplos de quem já trilha esse caminho podem ajudar.
Por Estela Cangerana.

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O passado vive em Montreal

Projeto Cité Mémoire convida visitantes e moradores a viajarem no tempo e se encontrarem com personagens anônimos e ilustres da história da cidade.  
Por Sérgio Siscaro.

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Members and Maintainers

Next Events

The schedule of events between Brazil and Canada is intense for those interested in business, investment, technology, education or culture. There are many opportunities for those who want to know better or to expand their presence in one of the two countries. Check out the highlights of this calendar and plan ahead!

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