V Pan-American Arbitration Congress makes history

The V CAM-CCBC Pan-American Arbitration Congress showed again why it is considered one of the largest events of the industry in the world. With around 500 participants from different countries, the event brought together some of the top experts on the subject for high-level discussions on the present and future of Arbitration. Result: on October 22 and 23, with much knowledge and exchange of ideas, it was considered a success by the audience.

Among the highlights of the event, the Opening Keynote was conducted by George Bermann, an American lawyer and international law scholar and professor at Columbia University. Author of several books, Bermann acts as arbitrator in commercial and investment disputes, being one of the greatest exponents of the world Arbitration.

To end in style, the Closing Keynote was the responsibility of another industry highlight, Jan Paulsson. The founding partner of Three Crowns LLP is a permanent member of the Hague Arbitration Court and has been an arbitrator in international cases for more than 40 years.

In addition to the themes and guest speakers, the V CAM-CCBC Pan-American Arbitration Congress has revealed its greatness in attracting more and more foreign participants, with highlight in this edition for professionals from Europe and Asia.

“One of the key differentials of our Congress is that its vision is less academic and more practical. It favors interaction between people for a logical and technical discussion regarding the Arbitration of today and the next years”, says Carlos Suplicy de Figueiredo Forbes, president of the CAM-CCBC.

The event, which was on the agenda of the first edition of the SP Arbitration Week, was important in bringing its participants closer together and helping them build strong relationship networks. “When you have an event of this size, the networking you build is also of the highest quality”, adds Eleonora Coelho, general secretary of the CAM-CCBC.

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