Road Show leads CAM-CCBC to the world Arbitrage headquarters

According to the latest research from Queen Mary University and the global White & Case office in 2018, London has maintained its leadership as the world’s leading Arbitration headquarters, bringing together institutions, large offices and key people in the arbitration community. The British capital was the ideal setting for the Road Show promoted by CAM-CCBC between 12 and 19 of November, which publicized the activities of the Center and Brazilian Arbitration.

At the time, Luíza Kömel, the deputy secretary-general of the institution, and the president, Carlos Forbes, visited offices such as Hogan Lovells, Mayer Brown and Cleary Gottlieb, and attended the III Oxford Symposium on Comparative International Commercial Arbitration.

In addition, the president gave a lecture at Hardwicke – a barrister’s office, a category in the English law with permission to act in the higher courts and hired to issue specialized opinions. The theme of the lecture was Arbitration in Brazil: A Practical Guide. Another meeting of CAM-CCBC professionals was a chat about Arbitration at the White & Case office with a select group of Brazilian professionals.

“The Road Show was a great opportunity to hold meetings with relevant institutions to promote Brazil as an arbitration-friendly nation, and CAM-CCBC as a renowned international institution in the administration of complex arbitration procedures”, says Luíza.

Whenever possible, CAM-CCBC promotes national and international Road Shows to promote its institutional work and Brazilian arbitration. This was the second edition of the London Road Show. The first edition was last year.