CAM-CCBC administrates a record number of procedures

CAM-CCBC ends 2018 with many reasons to celebrate. The year was marked by events that placed São Paulo at the center of global Arbitration by improving the institution infrastructure and launching new and important administrative resolutions.

One of the main results of the efforts was the growth of the debate on Arbitration in Brazil. CAM-CCBC Pan-American Arbitration Congress, for example, reached its fifth edition this year and brought together more than 470 participants from different countries – the largest number of participants in its history. The meeting was part of the SP Arbitration Week, a pioneering initiative of CAM-CCBC that now gathers all the events related to the theme held in the next to last week of October on a digital platform.

For those who value the numbers, 2018 brought another highlight. Today, there are more than 320 active procedures in CAM-CCBC, a record indicator that, with the uptrend, encouraged the center to open another secretariat for administrating the procedures. Now, there are eight. The value involved in these procedures is also a record: approximately 50 billion BRL.

“It was a year marked by great achievements. We have adopted standards for the administration of procedures governed by UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules, and our statistics have demonstrated the increasing acceptance of ADRs – Alternative Dispute Resolutions, by the Brazilian arbitration and business community. For the next year, we intend to launch new resolutions, further publicize the use of mediation and increasingly explore our cooperation agreements”, says Patricia Kobayashi, Deputy Secretary-General of CAM-CCBC.