Enter your event on the agenda of the 2nd edition of a special week

The second edition of SP Arbitration Week (SPAW) is already open for event registration. After last year’s success, one of the main news is the creation of rules for the Week, which include the encouragement of female participation. The measure follows CAM-CCBC’s Administrative Resolution 30/2018, which stipulates that at least 30% of event’s speakers should be women.

The Week arose around the CAM-CCBC Arbitration Congress – the largest in the industry in the country. The collective agenda was created to bring together all the events organized almost parallel to the Congress. If in 2018 the SPAW gathered 19 initiatives related to the theme, the expectation this year is even greater.

Event registration is free

There is no fee for registering events for SP Arbitration Week. This year, however, it is possible to spontaneously donate to the group Mulheres do Brasil (Women of Brazil). At the end of the week, the total collected will be published on the SPAW page.

Another novelty is that CAM-CCBC will promote a satisfaction survey about the Week, providing feedback on the events to the respective organizers. In addition, a group of young professionals will produce short reports on the debates and lectures, expanding the dissemination of the content on the website of SP Arbitration Week, confirmed for October.