CAM-CCBC opens headquarters in the Center of Rio de Janeiro

Near to Guanabara Bay, Marina da Glória and Arcos da Lapa. 10 minutes away from the Municipal Theater and the Museum of Modern Art. It looks like a Rio de Janeiro tourist route, but these are some of the neighbors of the new headquarters of CAM-CCBC in Rio de Janeiro, which is located in the main financial region of the city.

Taking advantage of the growth in local demand, the new office will offer a closer service, besides greater convenience for companies based in Rio that use the services of the Center. The office is prepared to receive copies of documents related to the arbitration procedures, avoiding the need to send the materials through mail.

Another facility is the use of the meeting rooms – one with capacity for 15 people and another used as support. The office also has a living area with coffee and lounge. The address is Avenida Presidente Wilson, 231.

The hearing center for large hearings or expressive meetings will continue to exist exclusively in São Paulo.

The presence in the city will allow CAM-CCBC to be included in the list of the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Rio de Janeiro for appointment to receive arbitration cases that arise from contracts involving the State.