Faster and less costly, mediation gains more acceptance

A faster and less costly alternative, business mediation is a strategy that has been receiving more and more incentives in CAM-CCBC.

In addition to promising new events related to mediation throughout the year and accepting events on the subject at SP Arbitration Week, CAM-CCBC has two teams of renowned professionals focused on publicizing the theme. One works with mediation in general and another is focused on mediation linked to public administration.

“In a mediated agreement no one wins or loses: what happens is that the parties come up with the best solution. The process is more agile and everyone involved is more likely to be satisfied”, explains Carlos Forbes, member of the advisory board and forme president of CAM-CCBC (2015-2019).

Mediation is still considered a more friendly instrument, with a view to maintaining the relationship between the parties. At CAM-CCBC, the procedure is confidential, and the disclosure of any information without the prior consent of the parties is prohibited. The mediator is chosen, as a general rule, from a list of professionals provided by the institution, all with extensive experience.

Discounts for those who opt for mediation

In 2018, the Center published a resolution that stipulates a discount on the administration fee for this type of procedure. It is as much for those who interrupt the arbitration to try mediation as for those who resort to arbitration after not reaching a mediated agreement.

Check out the events on the subject that occurred or are already scheduled to take place at CAM-CCBC this year:

• CPR Competition – in early April, the only international mediation competition in Latin America. It involves students from Brazilian universities USP and Mackenzie, as well as Harvard Law School, Columbia Law School, among others.

• Breakfast at the CAM-CCBC headquarters with important players to present the benefits of mediation processes on April 26.

• Course on “Essential Negotiation and Mediation Techniques”, in partnership with Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution of California’s renowned Pepperdine law school of California.

• Continuing education course on transformative mediation in May, in partnership with the Institute of Mediation and Arbitration of Brazil.

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