The only one in the sector with the ISO 9001 certification, CAM-CCBC extends the certification to all its services

Since 2004, CAM-CCBC is the only ISO 9001 certified arbitration center in Brazil. Renewed annually through an audit performed by SGS (the worldwide recognized independent certification body), the certification is a guarantee of the excellence of the institution’s Management System, under which the Center conducts the arbitration proceedings.

To maintain the certificate, every four years CAM-CCBC undergoes a complex audit, for which it prepares itself during the whole year as if it were its first certification. In 2019, the work was successfully completed in November and the certification of its Quality Management System was extended to all services, such as mediation and dispute boards.

The pillars of CAM-CCBC’s quality policy, which guide the conduction of proceedings, are impartiality, independence, efficiency, transparency, and continuous improvement of the Management System.