Public entities and gender equality move Brasília

At the heart of Brazil’s map, the capital of the country was, in August, the stage of the debate on three essential themes for CAM-CCBC: arbitration involving public entities, mediation and gender equality.

One of the highlights of the month was the 18th International Arbitration Congress of the Brazilian Arbitration Committee (CBAr), focusing on arbitration involving public entities. Among the participants, Judge Ellen Gracie Northfleet was present as moderator of the Arbitrability and Government panel, held on the second day of the event. The judge served in the Federal Supreme Court from 2000 to 2011, having assumed the presidency of the court in the years of 2006-2008, and is presently an arbitrator in the CAM-CCBC list.

CAM-CCBC is the main sponsor of the Congress, held from August 22 to August 24, and sent a team to participate. The arbitration involving government entities is a topic that receives special attention at the Center, with initiatives and data proving the growing interest in the subject. As examples:

– Among the seven administrative resolutions most accessed at the institution’s website, two are related to arbitration involving the Government: these are rules specially designed for conducting procedures involving public entities with greater effectiveness and transparency.

– The amount involved in such disputes reached R$23 billion in the Center – more than 25% of the amount involved in all arbitration proceedings conducted by the institution.

– The recent inauguration of CAM-CCBC’s unit in Rio de Janeiro allows the Center to be included in the list of the Attorney General of the State of Rio de Janeiro, which grants it authorization to conduct proceedings that arise from contracts involving that State.

1st edition of the Breakfast to discuss Mediation


On the 22nd, accreditation for the International Arbitration Congress began at noon. On the same day, in the morning, CAM-CCBC organized the first edition of the Breakfast to discuss Mediation involving Public Entities, also focusing on this sector.

The event was supported by the Center’s Task Forces and was attended by representatives of the Federal General Counsel, the Federal Attorney General, the Federal Accounting Court, and other public entities. The lecture highlighted the procedure that has been gaining more and more incentive in the Center.

Last year, for example, CAM-CCBC issued a resolution granting a discount on the administration fee for such procedures. It applies to those who interrupt the arbitration to try mediation, as well as to those who resort to arbitration after not reaching a mediated agreement.

Arbitral Women and ERA Pledge Meeting

Also in Brasilia, Arbitral Women and ERA Pledge entities promoted a breakfast focused on gender diversity. The event takes place once a year, always together with the International Arbitration Congress. In 2019, CAM-CCBC supported the evnet and one of the speakers was its president Eleonora Coelho.

ERA Pledge Latin America Subcommittee Co-chair and arbitrator of CAM-CCBC’s list Ana Carolina Weber answered some questions about the initiative, which reached the fifth edition and brings together approximately 100 participants per edition.

Why are events like this important?

To give women space to be speakers and allow networking among them. But also to attract men to the gender diversity debate. Last year, we had three women and three men as speakers. This year, we invited industry representatives and not only arbitration lawyers, once, deep down, it is the industry that uses arbitration. The industry has the final say on who the arbitrator should be.

What does CAM-CCBC’s participation represent?

It is the Center that has been most committed to gender diversity. It has issued a specific administrative resolution on this topic and has been disclosing the composition of the arbitration panels.

(ERA Pledge stands for Equal Representation In Arbitration Pledge, a worldwide commitment for the adoption of gender equality measures. More information at