Which decision would you take if you were the president of CAM-CCBC?

The Arbitration Academy course is held in one of the most famous European cities concerning International Arbitration, bringing together teachers from some of the largest arbitration chambers in the world. Who doesn’t dream of being a student in such a program? Based in Paris, it is almost like a collector’s edition, with classes organized only once a year. In 2019, CAM-CCBC was the first Brazilian Chamber to integrate the course, represented by its president Eleonora Coelho.

In addition to an overview of international arbitration and arbitration in Brazil, students had access to cases based on real situations, focusing on the practice of arbitration. In the simulations of these cases during Eleonora’s class, the main question directed to the students was: which decision would you take if you were the president of CAM-CCBC?

Participation in such courses is an opportunity to promote Brazilian arbitration abroad. Within approximately one hour, Eleonora drew an overview of the Center, tackling its rules, code of ethics, procedures, administrative resolutions, among other topics.

The president was part of a renowned faculty composed of teachers such as former Vice-President of the civil division of the England and Wales court of appeals, Elizabeth Gloster; and professor emeritus of the Law School of University of Geneva, Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler, one of the most influential names in international arbitration.

Students from over 70 countries

The Arbitration Academy program includes a general course, alternating each year between International Commercial Arbitration and Investment Arbitration. There are also special classes on specific topics, as well as workshops and seminars on institutional arbitration offered by several arbitration institutions. In 9 annual editions, the Arbitration Academy brought together over 650 students from over 70 different countries, as well as over 100 teachers.