Center prepares online filing

Speed and security are some of the advantages of the online request system for arbitration and mediation proceedings

By Sérgio Siscaro

An important effect verified from the emergence of the new coronavirus pandemic was the rapid digitization of processes in various activities.  CAM-CCBC was very agile in this regard, by successfully promoting the migration of arbitration and mediation proceedings to the virtual environment, through administrative resolutions published as of March.


Due to the persistence of the health crisis – and the consequent need to maintain the social distancing, avoiding face-to-face activities – the Center is releasing on its website a form for the direct request for new proceedings, both for arbitration and mediation.


According to CAM-CCBC’s Secretariat Coordinator, Cristiane Gertel, with the pandemic the proceedings were already carried out by e-mail, replacing the need for face-to-face submission of documents.  However, this solution had limitations on sending larger digital files. “Our goal was to make the filing of requests for arbitration or mediation proceedings more accessible.  For this reason, the General Secretariat requested the development of an online request template, with the support of our Information Technology (IT) area”, she says.


User-friendly interface
About to be put into operation, the online request is currently going through the last testing phase before being put on the air.  Its use is very simple, providing agility and security to the request process. “The interested user will be able to access it on our website and find all the guidelines to fill out the request form and upload documents, with no limitation of files size”, says Gertel.

The information required for the online request is quite simple, and the user can find on the website the instructions in case of questions, in addition to the contact details of the CAM-CCBC Case Managers. The digital environment also allows generating the registration fee bank slip, which must be submitted at the time the request is completed.

According to the Coordinator, the security of users’ data was the main concern of the Center when developing this tool. Another advantage is the fact that, in the digital environment, applicants do not need to be limited to CAM-CCBC face-to-face office hours, which is from 9 am to 6 pm. “With this, the person can submit the request until the end of the day. This is especially important in cases where the party must prove that has completed the filing of the request for the procedure until a predetermined deadline.”

Even after the pandemic, the online filing should remain as an open option to users. “The experience of people who have used electronic procedures has been very positive, due to its agility and safety”, she adds.