CAM-CCBC stimulates diversity

Initiative of the Center will promote the debate on issues related to equality of representation in the community of ADRs

By Sérgio Siscaro

Increasing profitability, productivity and efficiency; friendlier environment for innovative ideas; greater commitment of employees, partners and customers.  These are just some of the advantages that have been observed by organizations that stimulate diversity around the world.  By cultivating environments, for example, with gender equality, ethnic-racial diversity, accessible to people with disabilities, a wealth of points of view is obtained, which contributes decisively to the success of the organizations and markets in which they are inserted.


Aware of the importance of promoting a more meaningful commitment of the community of professionals and organizations that work with adequate dispute resolution methods (ADRs, in English) in initiatives aimed at promoting diversity in the sector, CAM-CCBC is releasing its Diversity Project. The initiative aims to foster representativeness and inclusion in the ADRs market in general, as well as in the workplace.


The Center’s decision to encourage diversity is a result from the fact that, although the issue is considered relevant and urgent by organizations of various fields of activity, it still has a limited presence in the ADRs community. Although there are solid institutions in the area supporting gender equality initiatives, effective measures have not been established yet for the inclusion of ethnic minorities, people with special needs and the LGBTQIAP+ community. For this reason, the Diversity Project will begin its activities with reflections involving these topics, in addition to addressing related topics, such as the issue of “place of speech”.


First steps
According to the CAM-CCBC’s Institutional Development team, the project – which is currently in the operationalization phase – was structured in steps in order to allow its gradual implementation. Initially, the #CAMCCBCDiversidade campaign will be implemented, an action which premise is the education as the basis of transformations.

The campaign will try to encourage the discussion of diversity on CAM-CCBC social networks. Monthly, contents of recommendable nature will be created, suggesting works on specific topics related to the issue of diversity; and also of educational nature, with the discussion about the importance of these works – including testimonies both from people in the market and outside it.

Both CAM-CCBC employees and professionals in the ADRs market will be encouraged to participate in the Diversity Project, contributing with suggestions that allow the initiative to outline its next steps. This will allow providing the initiative a valuable plurality of points of view – which is essential for the Center to understand which points are the most sensitive, as well as calibrate the direction of the project activities in the most appropriate way.