Virtual hearing

The first remote meeting was a success

The first remote hearing for the execution of a Terms of Reference, held using the Microsoft Teams platform, was a success. Due to the quarantine regime in force in different parts of the country and the guidance of health authorities so that people avoid crowds, one of the solutions implemented by the Center was to hold meetings and hearings online, without prejudice to the efficiency of such meetings.

“The hearing went well, and Microsoft Teams worked perfectly. The remote nature of the meeting did not affect communication among lawyers, arbitrators, and the CAM-CCBC Secretariat; on the contrary, it proved to guarantee practicality and efficiency to the work”, evaluates the Case Manager Amanda Andrade, who coordinated the hearing, carried out within the scope of the Secretariat division responsible for cases involving the real estate sector. According to her, the entire Information Technology (IT) team at the Center was in standby during the meeting, both to clarify doubts and to solve any technical problems – which gave the participants more security and ensured their success.

“The pandemic scenario that we are experiencing will certainly promote major changes in the way we see, plan, and execute proceedings, in all contexts. Everything that is new causes fear; but we need to be willing to step out of our comfort zone to get to know and experience it. Only in this way we will be able to adapt”, concludes the Case Manager.