Solidarity and Unity in Difficult Times

CAM-CCBC leads initiatives to support the confrontation of the novel coronavirus crisis and invites the entire arbitration community to join this fight

CAM-CCBC reverted sponsorship funds to the Clinical Hospital (HC) of the Medical School of the São Paulo University (FMUSP) to support the institution’s actions to combat Covid-19. The initiative, which was supported by the Brazilian Arbitration Committee (CBAr), used the amount earmarked for sponsoring the opening ceremony of the annual CBAr Congress. The donation is part of the Center’s efforts to help a swift-as-possible recovery of the society, affected by the pandemic, and the unity of the arbitration community.

HC will use the donated amount for the purchase of equipment, supplies and provision of beds to save as many lives as possible. “The donation was made on behalf of CAM-CCBC, CBAr and each of the guests who would have taken part in the Congress’ opening ceremony. CAM-CCBC’s objective was to maintain the fraternization of the arbitration community, but this time around solidarity and helping others,” said the president of the Center, Eleonora Coelho, in a joint statement signed with Giovanni Nanni, president of CBAr.

In addition to the donation, CAM-CCBC has been supporting several social projects in the fight against the impacts of the novel coronavirus in Brazil. The initiatives are announced in each of the institution’s webinars, which are free of charge, in order to assist in the collection of more donations. Some of the announced institutions are the Plan to Confront the Novel Coronavirus of the Franciscan Solidarity Service (Sefras), the Pro-Knowledge Institute and Project ONE.

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