CAM grants incentive for ongoing participation in Austria

The search for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods points to growth among Brazilian companies. As one of the protagonists of this uptrend, CAM-CCBC has been offering tools for those who want to deepen their knowledge on the topic. One of the most recent initiatives is the two scholarships for the “International Dispute Professional Academy” course, with onsite classes in Vienna, Austria.

The course organized by the Negotiation Academy trains the ability to mediate, negotiate and manage an alternative dispute procedure.

“Scholarships are an incentive for young professionals to start their careers. Negotiation is necessary to act in any position in the dispute resolution area and mediation is constantly growing in Brazil and abroad,” explains Clara Bastos, CAM-CCBC Business Development Analyst.

The Negotiation Academy was founded by Claudia Winkler, a Harvard Negotiation Project graduate with experience at the New York International Arbitration Center as ADR Development Coordinator. The school has trained more than 1,000 students and professionals from various fields on all continents.

The scholarship recipients are Mayara Nunes, student of L.L.M., from Queen Mary of London; and Lara de Oliveira, a lawyer who got her degree from the Federal University of Paraná.

Mediation and arbitration numbers

From 2015, when the country’s mediation law (law 13140/15) was published, until June 2018, the number of mediation procedures administered by CAM-CCBC increased by 80% when compared to the four years prior to the approval of the law. The average values involved in these procedures have increased every year in the corporate area. In 2017, it was R$254 million, compared to R$72 million in 2016.

With regard to arbitration, the numbers are also extremely positive. Since the founding of CAM-CCBC in 1979, more than 1,000 arbitration proceedings have been filed, with more than 50% of cases having been received in the last five years.