CAM-CCBC releases Annual Report

The publication is the first of its kind released in Brazil by
an arbitration and mediation center

By Sérgio Siscaro

In a pioneer initiative in the arbitration market in Brazil, CAM-CCBC has just released its first Annual Report. It presents detailed data on its performance throughout 2019.

The document is divided between the main highlights of the year and the statistics related to procedures. The first part tackles main events of 2019, in addition to the improvements made in the management of procedures and in the institutional performance of the Center throughout the year.

From the results of the  São Paulo Arbitration Week to the creation of a working group to study the methodology for publishing arbitration award extracts, including new transparency channels and the new CAM-CCBC unit in Rio de Janeiro, several aspects of the Center’s practice are detailed.

Transparently, the report also gathers statistical data relating to the 2019 CAM-CCBC-administered proceedings: volume of cases, business areas that used its services the most, amounts involved, among others.

In this second part, data on gender diversity is also presented. The Center’s efforts in this regard initiated after the signing of the ERA Pledge and the edition of the Administrative Resolution on gender diversity. The evolution of the female percentage in the list of arbitrators and in the referrals made by CAM-CCBC are the highlights.

“The initiative was idealized some time ago, and from then on the Center started to study what would be the best format to produce the Report, what data it would include and so on,” says CAM-CCBC’s Institutional Development Advisor, Lenora Hage.

The Center’s Annual Report is available in an exclusively digital format on the CAM-CCBC website  – which facilitates access to its content, especially in this period of 100% remote work due to Covid-19. The Report can be accessed in full in both Portuguese and English. This will not be an isolated initiative: the Center intends to release a new edition annually.


More transparency
According to Hage, the release of the Report is in line with CAM-CCBC’s efforts to increase the degree of transparency in its activities. “With it, it will be possible to have a better understanding of the Center’s position in the domestic and international market. In addition, the Report will be an important source of data for research – whether in relation to market surveys or specific procedures,” she says.

Additionally, the publication provides information on the institutional activities of CAM-CCBC, its facilities and the range of services it offers.

A busy year
The choice of 2019 as the first year analyzed by an Annual Report is especially appropriate, since several developments were established by the Center last year and many unique events took place.

“We celebrated our 40th anniversary and witnessed the election of the first woman as president, Eleonora Coelho. In addition, we had several administrative developments – such as the expansion of the quality certificate in the management of procedures for all the services offered by the Center,” says the Advisor.

This performance was also reflected in the volume of proceedings received by CAM-CCBC; even with the Brazilian economy barely growing, the Center managed to maintain its growing curve of new cases initiated per year. “This shows the stability of the Center as a market leader after an exponential increase in the number of cases started in 2009”, Hage adds.