CAM-CCBC promotes digital arbitration week in October

CAM-CCBC promotes digital arbitration week in October

By Sérgio Siscaro

During one week, the city of São Paulo will once more be the stage of debates that will address the topics that more directly affect the universe of arbitration and other adequate methods of dispute resolution.

CAM-CCBC will promote, from October 19 to 25, the third edition of São Paulo Arbitration Week (SPAW), a collaborative platform that promotes events, encourages networking and stimulates academic debates regarding these methods (ADR, the acronym in English), focusing on arbitration.

The initiative provides the ideal environment for the development of professional skills, exchange of experiences and contacts, and the alignment of the national market with global discussions on arbitration. And the 2020 edition will bring news: due to the current global situation, the agenda will include only digital and hybrid events, and each participating institution will define the best format and the required remote communication tools.

Therefore, it will be possible to bring together a larger number of stakeholders safely – providing SPAW an even more encompassing platform than the previous editions.

In addition to the digital format, this year’s edition of SPAW will be strongly social – therefore reflecting the Center’s commitment to contributing to society in this time of health crisis. “CAM-CCBC has never charged registration fees for events at the SPAW agenda. This time, following the attention to social projects lead by the current management, headed by President Eleonora Coelho, we decided to include a symbolic registration fee. The institution interested in registering an event on the agenda should make a direct donation to a Brazilian social entity of their choice”, explains the Institutional Development analyst Clara Kneese de Moraes Bastos.

The updated rules of the third edition of SPAW are available at Its main points are the registration process on SPAW platform (which deadline is extended until October 2), the format of the events and the promotion on social networks.

In addition, and respecting the commitment made by CAM-CCBC to ensure female representativeness, the Center suggests that the events registered on the platform have a minimum participation of 30% of female speakers. The e-mail for questions related to the platform is [email protected].


Confirmed success

In its two previous editions, SPAW experienced significant growth in terms of activities and participants. Last year, 26 events were organized by 29 organizations – including arbitration chambers, law firms, various institutions, entities of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) and of the judiciary, groups of young attorneys, among others. These figures represented an increase of 42% compared to the first edition.

In terms of popularity, SPAW 2019 was also attractive: CAM-CCBC events congregated over 900 people from three continents – with special attention to the CAM-CCBC Arbitration Congress, the week’s inaugural event, and the launch of the Center’s young professionals New Generation commission.

“In addition to being a pioneer initiative in the country, since its first drafting SPAW has been designed to contribute significantly to the entire arbitration and ADR community. Today, we see that the initiative has become a platform to bring together the national community and also to present the Brazilian market abroad – bringing these global communities closer”, says Bastos. She adds that, in recent editions, it was possible to involve institutions and participants from several countries, which strengthened the networking and academic development of the addressed topics.