AR 42/2020

Second Amendment to the Calendar 2020

Ref.: Second Amendment to the Calendar 2020
CONSIDERING the approval by the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo, on May 22, 2020, of the bill authorizing the anticipation, for the state of São Paulo, of the 1932 Constitutional Revolution Day holiday to May 25, 2020;

CONSIDERING CAM-CCBC’s continued commitment to observe public health recommendations for preventing the spread of coronavirus;

The President of the CAM-CCBC in the use of the powers conferred on her by article 2.6 (c) of the CAM-CCBC Rules, approved on September 1st, 2011, resolves to issue this resolution in amendment to Administrative Resolutions nº 38/2019 and 41/2020, which set forth the Calendar 2020

Therefore, CAM-CCBC will not be open for business on the following dates:

Date Week Day Holiday
05/25/2020 Monday 1932 Constitutional Revolution Day
09/07/2020 Monday Brazil’s Independece Day
10/12/2020 Monday Our Lady of the Apparition
11/02/2020 Monday All Soul’s Day

 Business days take into account the activities of the CAM-CCBC headquarters at São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro offices.

 This resolution rules only about the business days of CAM-CCBC, it does not modify the rules of Administrative Resolution nº 40/2020 which suspended onsite activities in its offices.

 In addition, the following provisions of the resolution regarding the Calendar 2020 are maintained:

 Business days shall be so considered those in which the CAM-CCBC is open for business. In the case of notifications, communications or other acts performed on a day when the CAM-CCBC is not open for business, these will be considered as performed on the subsequent business day.

Likewise, deadlines due on a day when the CAM-CCBC is not open for business shall be postponed to the first subsequent [1], business day, pursuant to Article 6.6.2 [2] of the CAM-CCBC Rules. 

In addition, to better organize the works, we also communicate that CAMCCBC will be in recess from December 19, 2020 until January 3, 2021. All deadlines will be suspended during such period, and shall resume on January 4, 2021.

Recess Date Week Day 
Start 12/19/2020 Saturday
End 01/03/2021 Sunday

São Paulo, May 22, 2020
Eleonora Coelho
President of the CAM-CCBC

[1] Thus, if – for example – a notification is received on a non-business day, such as on a Saturday or a Sunday, then for purposes of time counting it will be deemed to have been received on the subsequent business day, usually a Monday.

[2] CAM-CCBC Rules, Article 6.6.2. A time period will be considered to extend to the next business day if it expires on a day during which the CAM-CCBC is not open for business.