Events and opportunities in the food and beverage sector

Coffee, cashews and babassu

They are among the products that can generate great business opportunities for companies in Brazil and Canada. While coffee needs no introduction, there are genuinely Brazilian items that do not always appear in the headlines, but surely appear on the CCBC radar.

Babassu, for example, is a palm tree found in areas of caatinga, cerrado and in the Amazon. Its fruit can turn into a flour of high nutritional value with anti-inflammatory action and use in the food supplement industry. Babassu oil is extracted from the almonds inside the fruit and it is used as raw material in the manufacture of cosmetics.

The tree was one of the highlights pointed out by the CCBC teams at the Northeast International Business Meeting, held in Fortaleza by Sebrae this year, on November 12, 13 and 14. Another product that called the attention of the teams was a fermented cashew-based drink, with a wine-like production process, and sweet taste and digestive properties. In addition to food, beverages and cosmetics, the Meeting presented new features in the beachwear sector.


Coffee is a must

In Belo Horizonte, CCBC was present at the International Coffee Week, an event that brings together consumers and the entire grain production chain to promote the national product. “A few years ago, we used to have some good coffee in Europe. Today the Brazilian coffee is worldwide with guarantee of origin, terroir and certifications,” said the president of the Deliberative Council of Sebrae Minas, Teodomiro Diniz Camargos, through the press office of the event.

The meeting, held from November 7 to 9, had more than 160 exhibitors, over 300 international buyers, 400 samples of coffee to choose the champion of the year and 140 baristas from 60 countries. In this year’s edition, Brazil hosted world coffee championships for the first time.