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Sectoral Committees

The Brazil Canada Chamber of Commerce (CCBC) brings together its members in sectorial committees to discuss issues from various areas, in which they have the right to participate actively. In total, there are nine topics that have coordinators who organize technical meetings or thematic events, generating a productive dialogue that follows the agenda of Brazil and Canada and provides insights that will be relevant for business decision-making in general.

The CCBC, valuing its members, understands that content creation needs to be linked to business development, and our committees serve as the guiding compass for this strategy.


Economic Affairs Committee

Coordination: Ronaldo Ramos e Guillaume Legare


Legal Affairs Committee

Coordination: Alberto Murray e Daniela Chimisso


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Coordination: Esther Nunes e Anouk Bergeron Laliberté


Education Committee

Coordination: Rafael Mangini


Infrastructure and Investment Committee

Coordination: Márcio Francesquine e Hilton Nascimento


Mining Committee

Coordination: Wilson Antônio Borges


Technology Committee

Coordination: Helio Moraes e Thierry Battistini


Health Innovation Committee

Coordination: Luis Sergio Castro e Silva e Ricardo Meirelles


Compliance and ESG Committee

Coordination: Martim Della Valle e Paulo Perrotti

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