Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice

CÂMARA DE COMERCIO BRASIL-CANADÁ (“CCBC”) (Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Canada) recognizes and values the importance of individual privacy and, for this reason, we work continuously to ensure the protection of all personal data, which we process. 

These efforts, of course, must be based on a culture of trust and transparency formed with you. In this way, we have developed this Privacy Notice (“Notice”) to help you understand what information is collected by us, why it is collected, and how it may be shared. In addition, your rights regarding this information and how to exercise them, along with CCBC, are set out in this “Notice”. 

In case of doubts, we provide an appropriate contact channel, indicated at the end of this Notice. Please, do not hesitate in contacting us. 


Personal Data: Any information that identifies, or may identify, an individual. For example: name, date of birth, marital status, CPF/MF (Individual Taxpayers Registry) and RG enrollment number (ID number), e-mail, fixed and mobile telephone numbers, home address, bank account and / or branch, or certain aspects, such as physical, economic, cultural, or social characteristics. 

Responsible for Personal Data Treatment (“Responsible”): the person appointed to be in charge of establishing a communication channel among CCBC, the data owners, and Autoridade Nacional de Proteção de Dados (“ANPD”) (“National Data Protection Authority”). 

Treatment: Any operation involving personal data, including collecting, receiving, classifying, using, accessing, reproducing, transmitting, distributing, processing, archiving, storing, deleting, evaluating, or controlling the information, modifying, updating, communicating, transferring, sharing, and extracting personal data. 


The information we collect about you is only that which is compatible and necessary to make your relationship with us possible, e.g., relationship of a member,  a customer, mediator, expert, products or services provider, employee of a business partner, user of one of our websites or mobile application, among others.  

Below are listed the main information needed, grouped into categories: 

  • Identifying information, such as your name, RG (ID number), CPF (Individual Taxpayers Registry), CNH (National Driving License), passport, gender, age, date of birth, marital status, nationality, among others;
  • Information that will help us contact you, such as your home address, zip code, landline, cell phone number, P.O. Box, and e-mail address; 
  • Financial information, such as checking account, bank branch, and credit history; 
  • Professional information such as profession, place of work, position, professional history, academic qualifications, diplomas and other training certificates, language proficiency, among others; 
  • Attributes associated with your electronic devices, such as access provider, operating system, Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, browser, date and time of access, pages accessed, among others; and 
  • Information regarding your image, such as photos and videos.


From the very beginning of your relationship with us, you voluntarily provide us with information about yourself. For example, when you contact us at the telephone number (+55 11) 4058-0400or by the e-mail  [email protected]; or when you submit to Centro de Arbitragem e Mediação Brasil-Canadá (“CAM-CCBC”) (“Arbitration and Mediation Center Brazil-Canada”), a request for the institution of an arbitration proceeding. 

In some particular cases, we may also obtain some personal data from you through third parties, such as information from  Catho platform, when a candidate applies for one of our job openings. 

Occasionally, we may also collect data automatically from the electronic devices you use to access our websites or mobile application, with the purpose of improving and personalizing your browsing experience. Some of this data may be collected through cookies or similar technologies, as explained in a separate topic below.

Finally, there is the option of us collecting information from you, which is publicly available, including, but not limited to, social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.


We process your personal data to meet the purpose for which you provided them to CCBC or for other purposes compatible with these, which are informed to you at the time of collection of your data. For instance, we may process your personal data to allow you to take advantage of the various activities developed at our institution, such as arbitration and mediation provided by CAM-CCBC, or to enable your participation in one of our events, to name a few.

We may also use your personal data to comply with our obligations imposed by law, regulations of governmental bodies, tax authorities, the Judiciary and / or other appropriate authority. As an example, in the event of receiving a letter from the Judiciary regarding an arbitration proceeding that we are conducting, we may treat the personal data of the parties involved in the arbitration proceeding, so that we can adequately respond to it.

Based on our legitimate interest, we may also process your personal data to facilitate our day-to-day activities, always within the limits of your expectations, and never to the detriment of your fundamental rights or freedoms. For example, to conduct a satisfaction research with our customers and, in this way, monitor the quality of our services.

In the interest of your security (and that of others), we may also process your personal data for the purpose of controlling access to our premises and preventing identification fraud in connection with such access.

If you are an employee of a company that is interested in becoming a member of CCBC, we may also process your personal data, in order to perform credit analyses of your company and, thus, understand its economic profile in the market.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, even after your relationship with us has ended, we may process some of your personal data to comply with our legal or regulatory obligations, or to exercise our rights as guaranteed by law, including as evidence in legal, administrative or arbitration proceedings.


Cookies are small text files that we may store on your electronic devices, when you visit one of our websites or mobile application. We use this tool for different purposes, such as personalizing your browsing experience, understanding how our websites are used, and for refining the content we promote through it. Below we list all these purposes, aggregated into groups:

Cookie’s Type What do they do?


These cookies are essential to enable our website to work properly, as well as to allow you to use all of the features available on it.



These are cookies that help us understand how visitors interact with our website, by providing information about the areas visited, the time spent at the website, and any problems that may be found.



These are cookies that allow our website to remember your previous choices, such as browsing language. This type of cookie is responsible for providing a personalized experience.



These are cookies used to provide more relevant and specific content to your interests. They can also be used to present advertising in a more targeted way, or to limit the number in which it is conveyed. They also allow for the measurement of the effectiveness of a launched campaign.

You can disable cookies in your browser settings, at any time. However, your opposition to the necessary cookies may impair, or make your browsing experience unusable.  


Depending on the relationship you establish with CCBC, we may share your personal data with public credit protection agencies, with the Judiciary, business partners, some financial institutions, accounting and / or legal advisors, among others. In all of these cases, taking care of your privacy, we will use contractual instruments to assure that these third parties who receive your personal data provide them with adequate protection.

It is possible that the third party with whom your data is shared may be located outside Brazil, such as in Canada, China, Switzerland, or the United Arab Emirates. In this case, we will give preference for this international transfer to take place only in countries that have a similar degree of security to that provided by Brazilian law, or when Autoridade Nacional de Proteção de Dados (National Data Protection Authority) so authorizes. If that is not possible, we will use appropriate contractual clauses, and prior auditing, to make sure that the third parties, who receive your personal data, observe the standards of protection required by Brazilian law.

For more information on the public and private entities with whom we may share your personal data, please, contact our “Responsible” for data protection, through the channel for the exercising of your rights, indicated in item 8 below.


We have implemented strict policies and procedures that state how personal data must be used and handled, here at CCBC. These guidelines are intended to ensure the proper and lawful handling of the personal data that we hold.

In addition, we also take numerous technical measures to keep your personal data safe and well protected from unauthorized access, accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, communication, or any other form of inappropriate or unlawful processing, always in light of the applicable data protection, and information security rules.


Whatever your relationship with CCBC, we will ensure that all your rights, regarding the processing of your personal data, will be respected. These rights include, but are not limited to:

  1. The right of knowing if we processed your personal data and, if this is the case, knowing which data we processed; 
  2. The right of correcting incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated data, through the means required by specific regulations, when necessary; 
  3. The right to request the anonymization, blocking, or deletion of unnecessary, excessive data, or data that may have been processed in violation of the law; 
  4. The right of requesting data portability to another product or service provider; 
  5. The right of requesting the deletion of data collected and used, on the basis of your consent; 
  6. The right to obtain information about the public or private entities, with whom we share your data;
  7. When the processing activity requires your consent, you may refuse to consent. In this case, we will inform you about the consequences of this decision;
  8. When the processing activity requires your consent and you choose the option of providing it, you may revoke your consent, at any time; 
  9. The right of requesting a review of decisions made solely on the basis of automated processing of personal data, and 
  10. To oppose any processing activities that may have been carried out in violation of the law.

To exercise your rights, please contact our Responsible for data protection, at the following e-mail address ([email protected]).

In specific cases, it is possible that your request will not be fulfilled. In these cases, we will explain the reasons that justify the non-fulfillment. As an example, requests involving personal data and / or documents of other title holders will not be fulfilled, except by means of a power of attorney, parental responsibility, or other hypothesis that authorizes the exercise of the right of another title holder on your behalf.


Our websites and mobile application contain links to third-party websites, and the user should consult the data protection policy of these third parties.


If you have any questions, please, contact our Responsible for data protection Guilherme Pereira, through the electronic address [email protected].


Aiming to ensure our commitment to transparency with you, this Privacy Notice may be changed, at any time. This is why we recommend that you check it periodically.