The brand is looking for entrepreneurs willing to invest and live in Canada

The brand is looking for entrepreneurs willing to invest and live in Canada

Ornare’s greatest asset is its branding, built with state-of-the-art design and technology, partnered with some of the country’s greatest exponents of decoration and architecture. Names such as Marcelo Rosenbaum, Patrícia Anastassiadis, Zanini de Zanine, Guto Índio da Costa and Ricardo Bello Dias are part of the team that signs the company’s showrooms and furniture collections. Focused on new languages and high profitability, Ornare aims at the luxury market of the Americas and now prepares another step of its international expansion, initiated 12 years ago via Miami: the arrival in Canada.

To set foot on new land, the network seeks a distributor willing to live in Canadian territory to be at the forefront of the business. With an experience of 13 showrooms in Brazil, five in the USA and one that will be inaugurated soon in Argentina, Ornare considers its brand recognition and the global vocation of its projects responsible for its success abroad.

“We visit fairs and participated in various events in other countries, our product is international. Ricardo Bello Dias, for example, lives in Milan, where many of the trends are born,” says Murilo Schattan, CEO of the company.

Schattan points out that the distributor who will open the showroom in Canada does not need to be a professional with experience in the furniture industry. Most Ornare distributors are composed of entrepreneurs from other segments. “The important thing is to identify with the luxury market, have a commercial profile and investment capacity,” he adds.


CCBC helps find partners in Canada

The amount to be invested in the new showroom of 250 square meters is estimated at 180 thousand USD, with a return expected for 22 months. It does not include possible remodeling, transportation, store opening, among other expenses. Ornare’s management closely follows the units abroad, conducting a business plan with the distributor for the five years following the showroom opening.

CCBC membership is one of Ornare’s strategies for finding a partner interested in distributing its products. One of the recent initiatives of the Chamber was the holding of an event open to potential stakeholders in the company’s own showroom at Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva, in São Paulo.