The CAM-CCBC marked its participation in the ICCA Congress 2018, held in Sydney from April 15 to 18, bringing a team of professionals to represent and present the Institution to the professionals of the area, with its own stand at the International Convention Center.

The president of the CAM, Carlos Forbes, Secretary General Eleonora Coelho, Silvia Rodrigues Pachikoski, Patrícia Kobayashi, Luíza Kömel and Cristiane Gertel represented the CAM-CCBC in Australia. Carlos Forbes also served as ambassador of the event considering the presence and performance of the CAM-CCBC in the event “an important record of the role of reference that we exercise in the international market of conflict resolution”.

The ICCA Congress is the main International Arbitration Conference, taking place every two years and attracting participants from around the world. In the 2018 edition, the theme was “Evolution and Adaptation: The Future of International Arbitration”, which presented the main proposals, challenges and trends of Arbitration.