AR 27/2017

Inclusion and review of the CAM-CCBC List of Mediators

Re.: Inclusion and review of the CAM-CCBC List of Mediators

WHEREAS, the CAM-CCBC provides, for reference of interested parties, a List of Mediators made up of reputable and qualified professionals in the conflict resolution market;

WHEREAS, there is a high demand of candidates interested in being included in the CAM-CCBC List of Mediators and the need to establish a transparent selection process, with consistent criteria, requirements and deadlines;

The President of the CAM-CCBC, in the exercise of the powers granted upon him under article 2.6(c) of the CAM-CCBC Rules, as approved on September 1st 2011, as amended following approvals dated April 28, 2016, and after having considered the Advisory Committee’s view thereon, does hereby issue the following Resolution, which provides for the inclusion of new Mediators into the CAM-CCBC List.


Article 1. The inclusion of new members in the CAM-CCBC List of Mediators, governed by this Resolution, is subject to the principles of equality, transparency and efficiency.


Article 2. The inclusion of new Mediators shall take place following analysis of convenience and timeliness, subject to a pre-defined framework and strict selection criteria.


Article 3. The inclusion of new Mediators will comprise the following steps: (i) receipt of the Admission Forms; (ii) analysis of the Forms; (iii) screening; and (iv) submission to the Advisory Committee and the President of CAM-CCBC for final deliberation.

Paragraph One. The first step will begin with the completion and submission, by the candidate: (i) of his / her curriculum, obligatorily in the form of an Admission Form, which is an integral part of this Resolution in the form of Exhibit I (“Form”); and (ii) the other documents required on the Form. These documents shall be submitted in a digital format through the e-mail [email protected].

Paragraph Two. Upon receipt of the Form and its accompanying documents, the CAM-CCBC Secretariat shall conduct an analysis of such documents and submit a list of Candidates who have fulfilled the prerequisites and the list of those disapproved for review and suggestion of the Advisory Committee. Afterwards, the nomination will be forwarded to the final decision of the President of the CAM-CCBC, who may request additional clarifications and reassess the suggested selection, in its sole discretion.

Paragraph three. Upon final approval by the President of the CAM-CCBC, Candidates shall be notified of the result and the inclusion to the List of Mediators shall be formalized.

Desirable Prerequisites

Article 4. For purposes of this Resolution, it is understood as desirable skills of Mediators the presence of one or more of the following requirements:

  • (i) Training and qualification in mediation;
  • (ii) Professional experience in mediation;
  • (iii) Academic and professional qualification;
  • (iv) Submission of letters of recommendation from the parties.


Article 5. Based on an analysis of convenience and timeliness, the Advisory Committee, at its discretion or at the request of the President of the CAM-CCBC, shall review the list of professionals that make up its list of mediators and deliberate on possible exclusions in view of the actions of the mediators, as well as on the possible need to reduce or increase the number of professionals on the list, as appropriate.


São Paulo, October 31, 2017.

Carlos Suplicy de Figueiredo Forbes

President of the CAM-CCBC