The path of remedies, supplements and cosmetics before they reach the shelves

The average consumer who enters a pharmacy cannot imagine the path a drug travels until it reaches the shelves. There are several stages through which the product passes before being marketed. HSM Consultants takes care of this complete chain. From the stages of laboratory development and preclinical, through human studies conducted in partnership with hospitals, market analysis, quality control, registration, sales, marketing, import and export until the authorization of Anvisa.

“We have a very important circulation in the sector, we know very closely the modus operandi of the entities, of Anvisa, of the Pharmacy Council. We count on the team with a professional who has already been a dean of a federal university and treats the subject in a very technical way. We have people with more than 20 years of market and people who participate in the development of the legislation itself”, says Stephan Consorte, legal director of HSM.

One of those laws that Stephan refers to concerns the new regulatory framework published by Anvisa in July last year for the food supplements sector, another area of ​​activity of HSM. The legislation brings more clarity, quality and safety to the consumer. Within companies, it facilitates the entry of products with new molecules and brings new market possibilities to foreign companies.

“An important part of our work is to fit the products in the best way in Brazilian legislation, so that they arrive and stay in the market without problems”, says Stephan, who works at HSM also with cosmetics and veterinary products.

Cannabidiol in Brazil

One of the main products with which the company operates still does not reach the shelves of Brazilian stores and pharmacies. Due to the legal requirements, medicines made with cannabidiol oil are imported directly by consumers, after complying with Anvisa’s strict prerequisites. One of the tasks of HSM is to guide foreign companies in the process of exporting the product to Brazil. According to figures from the health surveillance agency, almost 6,000 patients have already imported cannabidiol-based items since 2015.


HSM Consultants has recently joined the CCBC. In addition to participating in the Health Committee of the Chamber, the company expects to strengthen ties with the Canadian market and organize events in partnership with the institution.