Fiduciary services with the look of those who know the Brazilian market

Investing in Brazil is no simple task. If even Brazilians have difficulties with complex legislation, the chance of a foreign company finding greater obstacles is high, especially in cases where its most important decision makers run the business from other countries. Mandat assists these companies by helping the international investor in maintaining its obligations in Brazil, with accountants, lawyers, financial advisors, among other professionals.


“Firms in the area of ​​fiduciary services are, as a rule, foreign. Our knowledge of Brazil helps us to provide a better service by understanding the local peculiarities. And all this thanks to our staff, which includes professionals from large companies, law firms and financial institutions”, says Ivam Passos, one of the partners.


Mandat makes representation of foreign investors in the country, administration of Brazilian subsidiaries, liquidation of Brazilian companies and domiciliation. Through local and international partnerships, it supports business implementation in Brazil and abroad.


The difficulties of the foreign investor


One of the greatest difficulties encountered by the foreign investor, according to Ivam, is to understand that in order to open and maintain a company in Brazil, he will need a proxy – unknown at the beginning and whom he will have to trust – with various powers to represent him locally. He will also need to keep an administrator/director, with a local residence, in his Brazilian subsidiary, which is not always the company and that is where part of Mandat’s work applies.


“One of our differentials is availability. In less than 24 hours a Mandat representative is available for customer service at meetings, assemblies, document signing and other activities. Another point is experience. We have members of our team with more than 20 years of market”, says Ivam.


Mandat has been a member of the CCBC for about two years. It finds in the Chamber an opportunity to better understand the needs of investors of Canadian origin and publicize the services themselves, attending events and networking.