Learn why it is best to do business overseas with the CCBC

Business missions are among the most strategic activities of the CCBC, when Brazilian and Canadian companies take advantage of an opportunity created specially to generate networking and new business.

“The advantage of the commercial mission is to provide, in a few days, various contacts with companies that can potentially generate new business. On a short trip, we have the chance to make contacts that could take months to complete”, explains Armínio Calonga, from CCBC’s Business Development department.

One of the highlights of the calendar is CCBC’s mission to Montreal in May, focusing on entrepreneurs, executives and companies who lead creative processes and are open to new business models using transformation through innovation. In addition to three days of visits and experiences in Montreal’s creative ecosystem, the group will have access to C2, the international conference of innovation and business that inspires leaders to better meet the challenges of today’s world.

In the mining industry, the CCBC will also organize a mission that will be present at the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) convention. The event scheduled for the beginning of March brings together in Toronto more than 1,000 exhibitors, 3,500 investors and 25,600 participants from 135 countries.

Check out the complete CCBC trade mission calendar and make your plans:

– March 1st – 7th  – Toronto

Biggest Mining Event in the World! Convention where Mining and Finance meet. The CCBC special schedule with B2B programs, support stand, Investor Relations and Key Contacts for Mining, among others!

– April 28th – May 4th – Toronto and Montreal

Canada’s largest food and beverage fair! The CCBC programming includes access to the fair, tasting dinners for buyers, B2B programs and full-time support of our team!

May 18th – 25th  – Montreal

Canada’s premier business, innovation and creativity event! The CCBC will bring executives and entrepreneurs to know the unexpected and prepare to face the changing business world. Forget everything you know about conferences!

June – Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal

The CCBC will bring premium cachaça producers to Canada, organizing tastings for authorized buyers, mixologists and bartenders from major cities where the mission will go. At the events, innovative ways of the famous Brazilian drink will be presented to be consumed in the bars and restaurants of the country! The marketing action aims to include the beverage as one of the great drink news among the Canadian public.

– September – Toronto and Montreal

In its seventh edition, the CCBC’s most successful mission arrives in Canada at the beginning of the second semester.