The future of artificial intelligence and industrial innovation

CCBC will bring companies from Brazil to participate in the World Summit AI Americas 2023. Proposal is to integrate knowledge in technologies in the areas of health, forest bioeconomy, quantum computing, mining, agribusiness and aerospace.

By Marcel Salim

The technologies associated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) are gaining increasing prominence in the market. Technology giants have already announced that they are betting heavily on the topic with massive investments. On the other end, startups promise to revolutionize the market. On both sides, there is a lot to talk about, and this discussion about the future will take place in April, in Canada, during the World Summit AI Americas 2023.  The event is one of the main forums in the sector and will feature the participation of a Brazilian delegation organized by CCBC.                                                                                                      

The World Summit AI Americas 2023 will take place in Montreal (Quebec) and is expected to bring together more than 2,500 members of the AI ecosystem, as well as more than 150 speakers. “This is a unique chance to interact with the most brilliant and influential AI professionals, startups and investors in the sector. Brazil has great potential and, at the same time, Canada is one of the main global hubs in the development of AI technologies, receiving government support and concentrating several research centers”, says Daniella Leite, Director of Associates and Business at CCBC.                                       

According to a study by Global Advantage Consulting Group for the University of Toronto, Canada’s AI-focused private sector attracted CAD 3 billion in new investment and created 50,000 jobs at 670 companies in the country between 2015 and 2020.

In Brazil, artificial intelligence technologies are also already a reality and currently permeate several sectors of the economy. The dissemination of startups that develop disruptive innovations has boosted the AI market, including the search for tools for applications such as facial recognition, chatbots, customer management and back-office software, among others.

A survey conducted by the Brazilian Industrial Research and Innovation Company (Embrapii) on a universe of 164 companies shows that 76.2% consider that the use of AI tools will have a great impact on their competitiveness. The survey also reveals that this technology will be useful in the decision-making process,  customized automation of products, processes, or services, and recognition of data patterns, such as images and texts.

The public sector is also interested in this area. The search for digitalization solutions to raise the standard of services provided has led to investment in the use of these technologies.

Access to the latest advances

The event in Montreal should unite all the different links in the international innovation and technology chain. “World Summit AI is the sector’s main event in the Americas, and represents a valuable opportunity to gain access to the latest developments in the area, update on the latest trends, and meet with potential business partners,” reiterates and concludes CCBC’s Commercial Intelligence Coordinator, Beatriz Calegare.                                                              

This year’s meeting will address technology in its most diverse sectorial applications. Just as an example, for the health area, the event organization created the Intelligent Health Track (IHT). Comprised of some of the leading global names in health technology, the IHT will focus on translating technological innovations and scientific insights into partnerships and programs that improve patient outcomes and simplify healthcare to alleviate the growing pressure on facilities and resources.


Missão World Summit AI Americas 2023

Date: April 16 -22 | Locality: Montreal (Quebec, Canada)

More information and registration: [email protected] or [email protected]