CCBC and IBP sign cooperation agreement

Agreement foresees partnerships between Brazil and Canada.

By Viviane Monteiro

On February 9th, the Chamber of Commerce Brazil Canada (CCBC) and the Brazilian Institute of Oil and Gas (IBP) signed a Cooperation Agreement aimed at promoting greater connection between the oil and gas ecosystems of Brazil and Canada, with a focus on developing partnerships for innovation, technology, hydrogen and onshore production.

IBP’s president, Roberto Ardenghy, highlighted the importance of the agreement as a formalization of the Institute’s connection with a global player with a great vocation for the oil and gas sector. “Canada has shown a strong management example in the oil and gas sector, combining environmental protection, productivity and efficiency. In this cooperation we foresee activities in Brazil and Canada. This agreement also aims to look to the future”.

The Director of Institutional Relations of the Chamber of Commerce Brazil Canada (CCBC), Paulo de Castro Reis, recalled that the agreement comes at the time of the celebration of CCBC’s 50th anniversary. “We created the Brazil Hub in Montreal and Edmonton to facilitate the internationalization of Brazilian companies in Canada, enabling access to innovation and research, and the establishment of partnerships to foster business and investment. The two countries have many synergies. Working together with IBP, we want to contribute to bringing the Brazilian and Canadian O&G ecosystems even closer”, he revealed.

The president of Petrobras, Jean Paul Prates, present at the event, highlighted the features in common between Brazil and Canada, such as the diplomatic vocation, appreciation and valorization of nature, and the importance of the relationship between the countries. According to Prates, “we have a lot in common and we need to explore this”, the company’s president emphasized “This type of agreement is important, because these are large entities that come together and will direct the companies, create guidelines. We are sister nations, and everyone is welcome in Brazil.”

Prates also emphasized the possibility of cooperation between the two countries in the development of offshore wind power projects (an area in which the oil and gas industry can bring its extensive experience with offshore installations), in addition to the mutual exchange of experiences in other activities.

Also present at the event, the Canadian Consul, David Verbiwski, highlighted Canada’s relevance in the sector, where it has the 3rd largest oil and gas reserves in the world and is the 4th oil producer and the 6th natural gas producer, also emphasizing the history of partnership between the countries. “Brazil and Canada have a long history of partnership, especially in O&G. In recent decades, the Consulate has witnessed IBP as a major player in the Brazilian O&G industry. We have participated numerous times as exhibitors at Rio Oil & Gas and we are the only foreign delegation to have a booth in the five editions of Brasil Onshore, helping to pave the way for Canadian companies,” Verbiwski emphasized.