CCBC debates patient experience in healthcare

Webinar promoted by the Health Innovation Committee will discuss how new technologies and digital channels are making medicine more accessible and personalized.

By Marcel Salim

The healthcare sector is at a pivotal moment in transforming the patient experience. Impacted by the pandemic and inspired by interactions in other consumer industries, patients now expect easy, continuous and individualized healthcare experiences where they can receive the care and healthcare guidance they need from their providers of choice.

Given this scenario, the Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Canada (CCBC) will hold the “Healthcare Innovation Committee Webinar” on March 1st to discuss how leading Canadian and Brazilian hospitals are leveraging cutting-edge technology, new digital channels and innovative programs to enhance the patient experience and meet the growing expectations for a better and more efficient healthcare system.                                             

The event will be attended by Ricardo Meirelles and Luis Sergio Castro e Silva, coordinators of CCBC’s Health Innovation Committee; Cindy Bruce-Barrett, Director of Corporate Strategic Projects at SickKids Hospital; John Nashid, Senior Project Manager at SickKids; Greg Kennedy, Director of Strategy at SickKids; Dr. Rafaela Wagner, Director of Medical Information at Hospital Pequeno Príncipe; and Dr. Anna Clara Rabha, Medical Director of the technology company Tuinda Care.

“Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the relationship between patients and the medical-hospital system has undergone major changes. People started to have access to quality and personalized healthcare through the use of new technologies and digital channels that did not exist until then. All of this in a more convenient and faster way,” says Ricardo Meirelles.

Sick Children (SickKids), affiliated with the University of Toronto, is recognized as the most intensive research hospital in Canada and the largest center dedicated to improving child health in the country. Pequeno Príncipe is the largest exclusively pediatric hospital in Brazil and was the only one in South America to appear in the ranking of the North American magazine Newsweek, which listed the 150 best hospitals in pediatrics in 2023, based on the recommendations of more than 40 thousand specialists from 20 countries.

Both institutions have developed programs and solutions in recent years aimed at offering patients a better and differentiated treatment experience. Coordinated activities are carried out at both hospitals to address and reduce the risk of unnecessary harm in healthcare and to involve family members  who accompany children or adolescents in the care provided.

Finally, Tuinda Care is a technology company that implements integrated care projects via telepropaedeutics, reaching different players in the health ecosystem. The company promotes the monitoring of chronic patients, post-discharge and highly complex treatments, and long-distance continuous care.


Health Innovation Committee Webinar | Date: 03/01/2023

Time: Brasilia: 5:00 PM (BRT). Montreal: 3:00 PM (GMT-5) Vancouver: 12:00 (GMT-8)

Registration Link: Portuguese | English