Intelligent connections

CCBC prepares for mission to next edition of WSAI, the continent’s main artificial intelligence event

By Sérgio Siscaro

The Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce (CCBC) is once again supporting the organization of the Brazilian mission to the World Summit AI (WSAI) Americas, to be held on May 4 and 5 at the Palais Congress in Montreal (Quebec). Now in its fourth year, WSAI is currently the main event bringing together the community involved in developing artificial intelligence (AI) solutions on the continent, with the aim of disseminating knowledge in the area, discussing trends and promoting meetings between potential business partners.

For this year, around 150 speakers and more than 2,500 participants are expected, who will represent the entire spectrum of AI-related activities – startups, academics, investors, business leaders and large technology companies, among others. They will have the opportunity to learn, share and debate challenges and topics related to the subject, addressing issues such as regulation, security and ethics, trust, privacy and scalability.

CCBC’s Assistant Vice President of Technology and Culture, Gabriel Lopes, explains that the experience of participating in the WSAI is very enriching for getting to know how the Canadian AI ecosystem works. “Montreal is the world cradle of artificial intelligence. Participating in the event will be a unique experience in learning about the current state of development of the sector in Canada,” he says.

The event is structured in a series of conferences, interactive workshops and networking opportunities with potential partners, customers or suppliers. It will also be possible to learn more about the most recent cases of AI application in the most diverse areas – such as finance, health and climate change, for example. Thus, WSAI serves both startups seeking to make connections with potential partners and customers, as well as companies seeking to differentiate themselves in the market by adopting innovative technology-based solutions.

WSAI is sponsored by companies and institutions as diverse as Investissement Québec, Montréal International, BrainBox AI, Amazon Web Services, Intel, Accenture, IBM and City of Montréal, among others. More information about the event can be obtained at  According to Lopes, CCBC is expected to promote a meeting upon return from the WSAI, in which the knowledge and experiences of mission participants will be shared with other Chamber members.

Those interested in obtaining more information on CCBC’s mission to WSAI can contact the Chamber’s commercial area at [email protected].

The Montreal ecosystem

The fact that WSAI is held in Montreal is not fortuitous. Both the city and the province of Quebec, in general, stand out for offering a true ecosystem for companies developing innovative and disruptive technologies – and the field of artificial intelligence is one of the most prominent in this regard. There are hundreds of small and large companies focused on developing AI solutions, with the support of incubators, accelerators and venture capital funds – and which solidify Quebec’s top position on the global innovation map.

A major highlight of the province is the Scale AI Supercluster – an artificial intelligence hub located in the corridor between the cities of Montreal and Waterloo.  Aimed at raising the productivity of companies from different sectors by integrating their activities with supply chains through AI tools, Scale AI brings together sales, manufacturing, transportation, infrastructure and information and communications technology (ICT) operations. This fast and effective interconnection between diverse businesses enables the prompt capture of market opportunities, in Canada and abroad.