Geotab’s system increases road security

Traffic accidents are still a very serious problem in the country – taking a huge toll on human life and property. For companies operating vehicle fleets, the impact doubles, affecting the workforce and generating direct and indirect costs.

Geotab connects vehicles to the internet safely, providing advanced analyses for managing fleets. The platform allows companies to automate their processes, integrating vehicles’ data and other relevant information. The company processes billions of data points per day for data analysis and machine learning, improving productivity and optimizing fleets through reducing fuel consumption and increasing drivers’ safety.

The driver alert system is a training tool for the cabin, through which a sound signal is sent when an unwished behavior is identified. Alerts can be established for the driver, supervisor or fleet manager, and based in any metric and combination (ignition, speed, rotations per minute, battery tension, strap use, fuel use, map zones and others); these rules can be configured in the platform’s menu.

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*Source: Geotab