Ciatécnica prepares companies for digitalization

The digital transformation is an increasingly concrete reality, which affects almost every economic sector. This scenario demands companies to adequately prepare, developing systems and tools for increasing competitiveness.

Ciatécnica has 10 years of experience in strategic business consulting focused on innovation and digital transformation, apart from customized solutions for: information technology business process outsourcing (BPO), web and mobile systems, customer relationship management (CRM), system integration (API), Robotic Processes Automation (RPA), artificial intelligence and big data/BI/analytics.

The ongoing dynamic changing process causes Ciatécnica to search for new practice spaces, strengthening its market presence. For this reason, the company’s CEO João Gubolin Jr. participated in November and December, 2021, of an international mission to Canada focused on expanding the company’s business to North America.

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*Source: Ciatécnica