Silver Hub accelerates startups for the longevity market

The accelerator Silver Hub, which celebrates one year of life in the robust longevity market that moves R$ 1.6 trillion annually in products and services in Brazil, is preparing to launch a new phase of startup acceleration. The forecast is to invest between R$5 million and R$10 million in the acceleration of 15 to 20 companies in the early stage, over the next 36 months, equivalent to R$ 500,000 each.                                                                                                          

Pioneering in the longevity sector, Silver Hub was created by Cristián Sepúlveda, CEO of the accelerator and former CEO of Atento (Telefónica), in partnership with Marcos Eduardo Ferreira, former CEO of Mapfre Seguros, and executive Arine Rodrigues.

Specialized in the market for solutions and products for the senior citizen audience, in areas such as investment, consulting and mentoring for Agetechs, Silver Hub accelerates technology-based startups with scalability potential, focused on delivering solutions for the elderly market.

Silver Hub, a CCBC member, aims to expand business between Brazil and Canada, making Agetech or Seniortech feasible for Brazil. At the same time, it seeks to bring Brazilian startups to the Canadian market, develop relationships with funds, universities and accelerators, as well as strengthen partnerships with other associated companies.                                                               

The understanding is that, in Brazil, business in this segment is still incipient. Silver Hub’s objective is to contribute to the development of the market, besides helping to strengthen age diversity in companies.                                                                                          

According to Cristián Sepúlveda, CEO of the accelerator, many companies are not yet prepared to serve this market. For this reason, Silver Hub has developed a model to help this transformation, which includes an immersion/training (market overview, culture, marketing, among others), joint service development with the company or the implementation of a business hub using the startups already in the accelerator’s portfolio.

So far, the company gathers a portfolio of about 10 accelerated startups that are part of the business hub.

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*Source: Silver Hub