A Deep Dive into Canada

Second edition of the Canada Day CCBC Online Festival provides connections in culture, education, art, and leisure, as well as significant bilateral business opportunities

By Estela Cangerana

The last week of this month will bring a deep dive into the prospects for relationships with Canada. From June 28 to July 2, the second edition of Canada Day CCBC Online Festival will spotlight debates about the major economic segments, the country’s regional diversity, diplomatic relations, immigration, culture, education, and tourism. Repeating the successful format that attracted over 5,000 people at last year’s event, live virtual sessions will bring together experts from different fields, for both presentations and questions clarification for the general public, and, in parallel, the event’s website will offer an extensive complementary content

The program will deal with themes of high global relevance, such as the latest trends in energy generation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and new technologies, innovation in agribusiness, and the future of health care. At the same time, the agenda will also address the more traditional issues that are part of the Brazil-Canada bilateral relationship, such as studying in the solid Canadian educational system, working in the country, immigration and investments, and tourist experiences.

The discussions at the festival will also explore the geographic diversity of the themes. The province of Alberta, for example, dominates the discussion on energy transformation, because this region is Canada’s largest producer of oil and natural gas, and counts its wind, solar, bioenergy, and geothermal resources, as important assets. In this province, investments in the digital transformation of the energy and environment sector are expected to reach a total of CAD 5.8 billion by 2024, which is about 25% of the entire amount to be invested in this segment, in Canada. The city of Calgary, meanwhile, is expected to lead the energy transition.

When it comes to technology, Edmonton, in the same province, stands out for being the second largest Artificial Intelligence ecosystem in Canada, which attracts a thriving video game industry.

Innovation in agribusiness

Moving further into the center of the country, in the province of Manitoba, the brightest area is technology applied to the agricultural sector, one of the region’s strong businesses. The Prairies are recognized as Canada’s breadbasket. In Winnipeg, large agricultural and food processing companies, research centers, and national institutions, have forged an ecosystem dedicated to the agribusiness, which is worth getting to know.

Another intensively farmed area, and which has much to offer in terms of agricultural innovation, is the Fraser Valley in British Columbia, on Canada’s west coast. In this area, what is most striking is the model applied on the farms, due to the revenue results per cultivated hectare.  There are almost 67,000 hectares of high-quality land spread over several communities, with gross revenues exceeding US$ 1.5 billion and generating 11,000 local jobs.

On education, work and immigration

Still keeping our focus on the west coast, in the province of British Columbia, another prominent feature is the educational model. In Vancouver, the University Canada West is one of the study centers with an MBA program that combines professional training, direct access to the innovation ecosystem, and strong investment in networking for those who intend to become entrepreneurs in the country.

The high level of education offered by Canadian institutions, with close contact with the labor market, is a global reference and annually attracts thousands of Brazilian students to many different universities across the country. But in addition to the opportunities in British Columbia, the Canada Day Festival will also feature sessions addressing the educational system and its experiences, with EduNova, in the province of Nova Scotia, and the country’s scholarship system, which can also lead to other equally prestigious institutions.

Healthcare and other opportunities

For those who intend to study, work or invest in Canada, it will be valuable to follow the session that will address the opportunities of the Greater Montreal area, in the province of Quebec.  The region is not only a major hub of Information Technology, but also stands out for innovation in the area of health care, one of the most promising sectors for the coming years.

In this segment, by means of strategic partnerships, the development of solutions and new businesses, including product representation or distribution, should gain extra impetus, both for Canadians and Brazilians. These partnerships will be another theme analyzed during the festival program organized by CCBC.

To complete the picture, it would be impossible to forget a session on the incredible experiences offered by Canada’s many tourist attractions. The country is plenty of natural beauty, art, history, culture, and traditions, in both winter and summer tours.

Canada Day CCBC Online Festival

From June 28 to July 02

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