Plenty of videos will make you remember some of the main achieves throughout CCBC 45 years.

It is hard to speak about all what CCBC has done throughout its 45 years, which was completed in 2018, but it is possible to highlight great initiatives. This is the objective of a plenty of videos which the institution will begin to publish this month in social medias, with the testimony of its protagonist.

“Innovation, technology, audacity. These are the characteristics that always remained the Chamber. The own constitution of CAM-CCBC emerged from a group of lawyers which already thought ahead, in a different perspective to solve conflicts”, said the president of CCBC, the lawyer Paulo Perrotti.

Among other things, Perrotti remembered the differentiated projects in the technological area, that demonstrate a performance in harmony not only with the market, but also with the demands of the society. “We have the Connection Bureau, The Elevator Pitch…… In all these technology issues the CCBC has always been and always will be involved.” Another area mentioned by the president was the cultural one, in projects like the Olhares Crusados, of photographic exhibition; and the gastronomic events, that generate interchange between the two countries.

The Chief Operating Officer, Cassia Vanícola, highlighted the diversity of the entity’s projects and expected to CCBC to maintain its high relevance for Brazil / Canada relations, associates and collaborators.

Relevance built in varied ways. One of them playing the primary role of strategic information source. In the last five years, the organization has deepened the work of data generation to facilitate business decision making.

Andrea Mansano, coordinator of the commercial intelligence area, highlighted some of these projects, such as Quick Market Facts, with quick videos that bring data about the Canadian market; and a publication of the Foreign Trade Commission (Comex), which indicates opportunities to import and export in Brazil and Canada, also available online, launched in  Perrotti’s administration.

Many of these actions have become possible through CCBC’s partnership with Euromonitor International, the world’s leading provider of business intelligence and strategic market analysis.

Incessant search for new business: CCBC missions generating great results

Arminio Calonga, from Business Development area, recalled the first CCBC mission that brought Brazilians to Canada together with institutions in the plastics, glass and metal sector that promote the export of national products. On the occasion, 40 representatives from 20 companies were present in Toronto and Montreal. “It was three months of preparation for the mission, in which we conducted commercial research, market analysis, study of business potential and matchmaking between Brazilians and Canadians.”

The weeklong trip inaugurated CCBC’s series of regular missions in the areas of coffee, cachaça, food and beverage, startups, mining, investments, technology and creative economy, as well as multi-sector missions. “The agenda abroad is intense. One of the advantages is that in a few days we have an entry with potential partners and clients that maybe an associate alone could not reach in a month, “explained Arminio.

Check out some videos with testimonials about the 45 years of CCBC: