Brazil-Canada Trade

CCBC starts publishing quick guide on key indicators


September marks the launch of Quick Trade Facts, a publication that follows the CCBC line of providing the market with strategic data. The report compiles indicators that until today were scattered in official sources, bringing information about the commercial exchange between Brazil and Canada. Its debut edition gathers data from the first half of 2018, with figures related to product trade, import/export tariffs, as well as direct foreign investments.


Check out some of the best news this first report brings, comparing data from January to June 2018 to the same period of the previous year.


– Trade between Brazil and Canada increased by 16%.

– The value of Brazilian exports to Canada grew 15%.

– The value of Canadian imports by Brazil increased by 17%.

– The trade balance (exports minus imports) of the Brazilian trade balance is positive and higher.


The data update will be quarterly.


Check out the complete and dynamic report by accessing