Objectif Lune

Intelligence and technology to streamline customer communication

Objectif Lune provides a flexible platform that automates and simplifies business processes through technology. Its tools help in the management of the communication of the companies with the consumer, speeding the contact through email, cell phones and even printed correspondence.

Whoever receives payroll reminders, promotions, tickets, or follows the delivery status of a product on the web certainly experiences the kind of service that uses Objectif Lune technology. With data intelligence, the platform ensures speed in operation and efficiency in what is transmitted to the public on and offline. Its clients include print service providers who work for institutions such as banks, telephone companies or insurers.

But there are others. The largest supplier of building materials in the UK, for example, had all of its documents processed and adjusted manually. They were orders from customers and about 114 thousand physical invoices per year, which after being scanned for archiving were sent to customers by mail. With automation, the supplier has met the deadlines for orders more frequently, and has saved 41,000 pounds a year on invoice posts.

Another area benefited is education. One of Objectif Lune’s products is a student behavioral assessment system. With the tablet in hand, the teacher establishes criteria and evaluates the students each class, performing individual or group monitoring and generating data for the improvement of teaching.

A company with more than 25 thousand customers

Headquartered in Montreal, Objectif Lune was founded in 1995 and serves around 25,000 customers in more than 115 countries. The company’s regional director for Latin America, Christian Medeiros, highlights the importance of the relationship with the CCBC in Brazil. “We are new members and the fact of having a representative of the entity in Rio de Janeiro helps a lot. The CCBC contributes to the approach of our potential clients directly, mediates contacts and brings research that guides our performance”.