University of Montreal offers French language courses

The job market increasingly values people who demonstrate proficiency in other languages. In this scenario, English – as it is currently considered a language whose knowledge is basic in several areas of activity – is no longer considered a competitive advantage in obtaining vacancies. Knowing another language is an essential condition to differentiate yourself in the professional and academic environment.

The University of Montreal (UdeM) is launching an online university French course, aimed at non-Francophone students who wish to improve their level of knowledge of the language and, therefore, make possible study plans at UdeM itself. The initiative, which lasts for four months, allows participants to reach the intermediate-advanced level (B2) required to enter most of the university’s programs.

In this way, course participants will have the opportunity not only to improve the level of their knowledge of the language, but also to immerse themselves virtually in the UdeM environment, becoming familiar with its pedagogical method.

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*Source: University of Montreal