Transparency and quality in the relationship with all CCBC’s audiences

In 2019, CCBC has been carrying out a strategic project that dives deep into how it works. The goal is to assess possible risks to your business by the end of the year to build a solid and well-structured Compliance plan.


The initiative comes at an important moment for the Chamber. Growing exponentially in recent years, the entity has seen the need to formalize its culture always focused on transparency.


The first stage of the work is to map out the processes, norms and procedures of all areas of the organization. Next, its relationship with suppliers, partners and associates will be analyzed. By observing its flows in detail, the institution will be better able to shield Compliance risks, promoting attitudes according to its conduct. In the future it will also gather information essential for the elaboration of a Code of Ethics.


“The compliance plan is a way to spread the organization’s culture, as it involves training, constant rule review, and many conversations about our daily lives. Promoting good practices among employees is one of the priorities of the project”, says Cassia Vanícola, Director of Operations of the Chamber.