QDois solution streamlines administrative processes

The adoption of technological tools has the potential to leverage the business potential of companies in any sector, making internal processes more effective and increasing the company’s ability to obtain good deals, perform and become more prepared for market changes. . QDois, a technology and business consultancy specializing in data engineering, business intelligence, data science and digital workplaces, has just developed an FTE Blueprint management solution for a client, in order to improve the construction process and budget management in a business with more than 46 thousand employees.

The objective was to modernize manual processes, making access to information easier, more visual and intuitive – and, with that, to promote a change in focus in processes aimed at strategic analysis. The solution developed by QDois involved the creation of an application that made it possible to increase agility in the client’s administrative decision-making process, in addition to strengthening the culture of innovation and digital transformation in the company’s administrative areas.

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*Source: QDois