Participants assess Brazil-Canada bilateral trade

By João Vitor Martins

In the second part of the Forum, the Perspectives in the Brazil-Canada Commercial Relationship panel was held, moderated by Henrique Palma, Leader of the Canada Desk at KPMG, for the exchange of ideas and discussions regarding commercial challenges and CCBC’s support to projects of Brazilian companies in Canada and Canadian companies in Brazil.

The participants were: Rodrigo Fonseca, partner at FSL Advogados and President of CAM-CCBC; Wilson Borges, Leader of Foreign Affairs and Territorial Management at Lundin Mining Corporation; Catharina Pires, Director of Corporate Affairs Latam at Nutrien Soluções Agrícolas; Arthur Mota, Senior Director, Economist and Strategist at BTG Pactual; Camila Covello, partner and Expansion Director at Quality Global Aliance.

Catharina Pires, from Nutrien Soluções Agrícolas, pointed out that Brazil is a ‘powerhouse’ in agriculture and in biodiversity, and this combination generates value. “Brazil brings a unique opportunity for any agribusiness company to combine agriculture and environmental preservation, and produce food”, she said.

Camila Covello, from Quality Global Alliance, highlighted the development of the Canadian accreditation methodology for the healthcare sector. “In the beginning, Canadian accreditors made a point of listening to the communities. We seek to maintain this differentiation in our work, and today the Brazilian healthcare system recognizes Canadian accreditation as one that offers more security and quality to the sector,” she explained.                                                     

Wilson Borges, from Lundin Mining, emphasized that the mining sector encompasses important pillars such as energy security, food security and infrastructure, in addition to generating jobs in challenging areas, such as in the interior of Brazil. “A survey by the Brazilian Mining Institute (IBRAM) shows that for each job generated, 14 more are created in the supply chain. He also highlighted the importance of mining companies to the well-being of society and local communities.   

Arthur Mota, from BTG, stated that foreign direct investment in the country spreads the investor culture among companies, and helps develop other sectors related to the company. “Brazil is a potential capital allocation and a major business partner for Canada. Brazil is a big player in the clean energy market, for example. In addition, the infrastructure sector still has a long way to go in terms of development,” he pondered.  

Rodrigo Fonseca, president of CAM-CCBC, pointed out that both Brazil and Canada value diversity and environmental protection. “This similarity in values makes it very important to enhance these relationships”, he concluded.  

The Forum is part of the celebrations of CCBC’s 50th anniversary, which will also feature two other events: Canada Day, on July 3 and 4, and the Brazil-Canada Summit on September 18 and 19.