Speakers analyze economic prospects and challenges for Brazil and Canada

By João Vitor Martins

Randall Bartlett, senior director of Canadian Economics at Desjardins Bank, opened the discussions in the Forum by presenting recent data on the Canadian economy and clarified that the Bank of Canada’s decision to raise its basic interest rate may favor the resumption of growth in 2024.

According to Bartlett, inflation should gradually decrease in Canada throughout 2023, favoring economic recovery. 

Bartlett, Margato and Maria Cristina: Brazil and Canada are well positioned in the global macroeconomic scenario (Disclosure: Marcos Mesquita/CCBC)

Rodolfo Margato, vice-president of economic research at XP Investimentos, stated that Brazil and Canada are well positioned in the global scenario for 2023, despite being a period of adjustments for Brazil and for other major global economies. 

Maria Cristina da Silva Dias, manager of the department of interlocution, evaluation and studies of industry and foreign trade at BNDES, presented the projects developed to support exporting companies and ensure the competitiveness of Brazilian companies in foreign markets.