Open to international expansion, startups, and Brazil-Canada business relations

For the FCR Law team, Law has no borders. With lawyers prepared to work in Canada, in the US, and in several European Union nations, the firm has a special area to serve Brazilian companies wishing to settle in Canada and Canadian companies aiming to land in Brazil. Canadian Desk is a team of experts who speak English and French fluently, understanding the cultural and legal differences between the two countries.

Philippe Jeffrey is the leader of this team. Born in Québec and with 20 years of experience at PwC, Philippe has extensive knowledge in tax management and law in assisting multinationals, international tax planning for individuals, investment by major foreign companies abroad, among other activities.

Active mainly in the areas of Tax and Corporate Law, FCR Law is very active in publicizing the Brazil-Canada relationship. The firm conducts a Road Show through Canadian cities for this purpose twice a year. This March, the focus was Toronto. Along with partners, FCR Law organized the seminar “Brazil under new administration – How to do business in Brazil in a practical manner.”

The event held at the Ontario Investment and Trade Center (OITC) was attended by FCR Law founder, Eduardo Fleury; the Brazilian Consul General in Toronto, Ana Lélia Beltrame; and Canadian Consul in São Paulo, Elise Racicot.

Power into a billionaire project

In the power area, one of FCR Law‘s most recent projects was advising a group of foreign investors with a stake in a Brazilian company.

In an auction in late May, the company won the right to build four biomass power plants, powered by reforestation wood waste. The auction was held to supply energy to Roraima and transacted R$1.62 billion in investments to contract a nominal power of 293.8 megawatts, according to information from Agência Brasil.

The party represented by FCR Law will be responsible for plants that will generate 40 megawatts, with the term of 24 months to be built. The rest of the infrastructure will be built by other suppliers.

Another focus of FCR Law concerns the startups market. The firm is registered with the Connection Bureau – CCBC’s platform for matchmaking between startups, investors, service providers, and supporters, with the main purpose of supporting the internationalization of these businesses. Following the same philosophy of encouraging international business expansion, the firm’s partners hold constant meetings with Latin American startups in Canada, supporting their growth.