New Business Expectation at CCBC Canada Office

Opened in November last year, CCBC’s office in Montreal is already approaching companies and encouraging new business.

The 2019 calendar began heated with a Road Show of the food and beverage industry for Canadian companies interested in exporting to Brazil. The program included a presentation to potential Quebec exporters and visits to cranberry, maple and duck producers. This was a partnership of CCBC with the commercial promotion sector of the Canadian Embassy in Brazil and Group Export Alimentaire, agency of promotion of agricultural products.

There was also a series of activities in partnership with the Port of St John, associate of the Chamber. The initiative approached potential exporters and importers, encouraging trade between Brazil and the province of New Brunswick – where the port is strategically located as an excellent gateway to other regions of Canada. The program included a visit to the port facilities, which is going through a US$ 205 million expansion.

Committee on Strategic Issues and Brazil’s post-election scenario

Another important event in the first quarter was the first meeting of CCBC’s Strategic Affairs Committee (CAE) in Canada. The meeting brought together C-level members of associated companies and partner institutions, as well as the Consul General of Canada in Rio de Janeiro, Evelyn Coulombe, and the Consul General of Brazil in Montreal, Rubens Gama. The theme of the meeting was the Brazilian post-election scenario.

One of the participants of the meeting was the Managing Director of Lucalex, Marcelo Andrade. Living on Canadian soil for 20 years and founder of an associate company of CCBC, Marcelo gives advice to companies that look for Canada as a base for internationalization. “It was an excellent meeting with key people, including representatives of the various levels of government of the two countries. An excellent group with competent people, involved in the daily routine, who really know what they do”, he said.

CCBC also supported the event “Brazil Seminar: Economic Trending Topics” promoted by the Consulate General of Brazil in Montreal, which was attended by the political scientist Murillo de Aragão.