Linda Lifetech awarded best healthcare startup by G20

The company owns an innovative and low-cost technology for the early breast cancer detection

With this innovative and low-cost technology for early breast cancer detection, Linda Lifetech, born in Brazil and now a Canadian company, was recognized as the best healthtech in the G20 during the Global Conference composed of the world’s 20 largest economies and 6 invited countries in August in India, which brought together startups and stakeholders from around the world to discuss digital innovation in various sectors.                                                                                                                                                                                              

Accessible to women aged 20 and over, what sets Linda apart from other platforms is the ease and speed of conducting the examination, as well as the rapid results, which are available within seconds. A thermal map of the location, integrated with an artificial intelligence algorithm, analyzes the images and indicates if there are any suspicious patterns. The result is immediate, and if there is any indication of further investigation, the doctor can request additional tests.                                       

“It’s a much more accessible technology for detecting possible potential issues in the early stages, a tool focused on primary healthcare and that prioritizes the demand for more complex tests in a smarter way,” explains Rubens Mendrone, CEO and founder of Linda Lifetech. He clarifies that the platform has not replaced mammography, which is the reference test according to the Ministry of Health guidelines.

Access to a simple test, like Linda, is also one of the reasons that contributed to the G20 award. According to the executive, only 12% of Brazilian municipalities have mammography machines. “Linda’s technology is simple and low-cost, making it easier to access quick and painless result. Of all the women already served by Linda, 30% of them had never undergone a mammogram before. This shows it is possible to offer a more practical and feasible solution for women, which can reveal suspicious findings that should be further investigated,” he explains.         

The recognition of the AI platform in the healthcare sector sums up the success story of the company, established in 2017, which took three years for its complete development, including research and approval, based on a journey of construction by researchers, doctors and institutions. “The award is very important so that we can further expand our connections and bring our technology to new locations in Brazil and around the world. Linda was built based on WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines, and when a municipality adopts Linda, it is automatically adopting the best practices for the early detection of breast cancer,” explains Mendrone.

Linda is not part of the Unified Health System (SUS) services, but it is already present in some Brazilian municipalities in the states of São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul, Maranhão and Paraíba, which represents around three million women on average. Linda’s plans include expanding its services in Brazil, entering the healthcare sector in Canada and the United States in 2024, following regulatory approval, and the European market in 2025.

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*Source: Linda Lifetech