Genetec Clearance helps speed up investigations

System simplifies access to and sharing of video recordings for investigations, including by public security institutions 

Genetec Inc., a technology leader in unified public and private security, operations management and business intelligence solutions, announces that Genetec Clearance, a digital evidence management system now enables remote retrieval of video recordings from physical security systems at transportation agency sites and fleets to help expedite the investigations.

This functionality is made possible by Clearance’s integration with the Genetec Security Center Fleet Monitoring module. Using a browser-based system, agencies can now connect all their onboard and on-ground data to a unified solution to manage evidence and streamline the sharing of recordings with internal departments and external partners.                                                                                                                                                                                 

Transportation security teams often devote considerable resources and time fulfilling requests from their legal departments, law enforcement agencies and other parties needing access to video recordings from their camera systems. These requests are often delivered on physical media, significantly increasing costs and delays in the process.

With Genetec Clearance, this time-consuming and costly process of sending personnel to collect video and deliver it to requesters is eliminated. All requests are centrally and securely managed in Clearance, going through the agency´s approval process to ensure compliance with governance policies before sharing the videos.

“Transportation security teams have the complex task of managing highly distributed operations to ensure the safety of passengers and public transportation employees every day,” says Erick Ceresato, Product Director at Genetec Inc.

According to him, this reduces the time needed to deliver video evidence to analysts, as Genetec’s solutions aim to free up security teams to focus on essential activities. “Having a unified security environment between stations and vehicle fleets opens the door to this kind of efficiency and eliminates bottlenecks that traditionally hindered access to this data,” concludes the executive.     

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*Source: Genetec